1 Day Axe Forging Course – Hammerhead Upcycling

In this fascinating class, you will embark on a captivating journey as you transform an ordinary old hammerhead into a magnificent single-edged axe. The opportunity even presents itself for you to employ your very own hammerhead, infusing the creation with a touch of personal significance and history.

Your first task will involve skilfully forging down the larger side of the hammerhead, meticulously sculpting it into the awe-inspiring main blade of the axe. With each rhythmic strike of the hammer, the metal will yield to your artistic vision, gradually taking shape and purpose. As you hammer away, you will have the chance to refine and modify the remaining parts of the hammer to suit your unique preferences, perhaps reshaping the back end to enhance its overall aesthetics and functionality.

After Forging:

Once the forging process is complete, you will enter a pivotal stage where the blade must be hardened and tempered, ensuring its durability and strength. Fear not, for this crucial step will be expertly demonstrated and guided by your knowledgeable instructor, who will ensure you acquire the necessary techniques and expertise.

As the day draws to a close, your hands will have diligently transformed raw materials into a work of art. The culmination of your efforts will be a fully-forged axe, exquisitely shaped and contoured to your exact specifications. Through the careful application of grinding techniques, you will carve out a precise edge, ready to face any challenge that lies ahead. Furthermore, the blade will be masterfully sharpened, achieving an exquisite balance between utility and elegance.

Final Stages:

In the final stages of this remarkable endeavour, you will skilfully fit the axe to a haft, meticulously ensuring a secure and seamless connection. With every detail attended to, you will take pride in oiling the axe, providing it with a protective and lustrous finish. The result will be nothing short of a masterpiece—an exquisite, fully-realized axe, birthed from the humble origins of an old hammerhead.

As you reflect upon your accomplishment, you will carry with you a newfound appreciation for the art of forging, an ancient craft that melds raw materials with skilled craftsmanship to create objects of both utilitarian value and aesthetic splendour. Your forged axe will be a testament to your dedication and craftsmanship.

What the day looks like:

  • Arrive 9am
  • 9:20 Fire up the forge
  • Begin forging hammer
  • 12-1 forge to final shape
  • Harden & temper
  • Lunch 30min/1 Hour
  • Choose and Prepare the haft
  • Grind axe to final shape
  • Sand & polish
  • Fit to haft
  • Close 5:30pm
axe forged from a hammer

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