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Glittering Edge is a small Scottish company specialising in swords and knives as well as custom bladesmithing & knifemaking lessons.  These are traditionally forged, or ground out using more modern techniques.  Often a combination of both.

As Edinburghs Swordmaker, I have been commissioned to create a vast array of different swords, knives and other bladed articles.  One of my favourites was a custom dagger for a clients wedding, with the location coordinates of where they tied the knot etched on to the blade.

At the turn of 2022, I created the blades (sword, dirk & sgian dubh) for the 20th Chief of Clan Buchanan for the inauguration on the 8th October 2022.  Most notably the Lion Inagural Sword in collaboration with Silversmith Roddy Young

I can create anything from historical pieces to purely fantasy (although some physical limitations may apply).


Video Credit – Aysun Bora, Antoneta Ninovska, Daphne Doeve, Emily Int-Veen via Stirling University





The services I offer normally come under the following categories.

  • Custom Swords
  • Bespoke Knives
  • Bladesmithing lessons
  • repairs and refurbishments – cherished pieces to antiques
  • Knife sharpening – more information HERE

Where possible, I try to use materials and components locally as well as ethically sourced.   I am able to use reclaimed materials or something you have located or found yourself.

If you have enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Bladesmithing lessons are also available.  In these lessons, I guide you through the process start to finish of how to forge your very own knife.

View Bladesmithing lessons for the complete information or send an email to bookings@glitteringedge.com

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