About Glittering Edge

About the company

Glittering Edge Limited is a small, Edinburgh based company run by Greg Marr.  I opened the business in March 2014 along with Dan Devoy and have been based in the Leith area of Edinburgh since 2015.  During this time, the passion for creating your dreams in steel has only increased, alongside the skillset to create higher quality items.

Over the years, I have been able to gain valuable learning opportunities from other craftsfolk and artists, by way of collaboration projects.

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Product range

Over the years, I have undertaken a range of unique projects for my customers.  These are often based on original museum pieces wherever possible but I do cater to completely custom designs.

From custom blades ranging from sgian dubhs (Scottish kilt knife) to kitchen and bushcraft knives all the way to swords, I can cater to many tastes, styles and budgets.

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I also offer bladesmithing lessons where you can design and create your very own knife!

Why choose Glittering Edge

My passion is creating blades in a variety of styles suited to your needs.  I love making something that you will be proud to own, use or give as a special gift to a loved one or even to commemorate an important event.  I absolutely love being part of someones special event – most notably weddings and civil partnerships.

Each and every blade that I make are created by hand in Edinburgh.  Using a balanced mix of modern and traditional techniques.  This can vary depending on your budget, taste and end use of the blade.  I pride myself in being able to offer and live up to the expectations and quality that my customers have come to expect from Glittering Edge over the years.

I am happy to discuss wholesale needs and unusual ideas – no matter how outlandish they may seem. T&C may apply 

Loved Lord of the Rings? A fan of fantasy novels?  Perhaps your ideal blade is still hidden within the depths of your favourite book series and has yet to be created.  If thats the case, why not get in touch to enquire about making it a reality!

Perhaps you want to forge your own knife?  Why not treat yourself to our Bladesmithing lessons!  See the full details “here” or contact bookings@glitteringedge.com. Gift cards are available for this.  Waiting list for 2023 lesson in operation.


A sword inspired by the design of the Lesja find https://secretsoftheice.com/news/2017/09/05/viking-sword/
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