Bladesmithing Courses – Info

Bladesmithing Courses – Info

Step into a realm where the artistry of bladesmithing converges with hands-on expertise. My courses provide a practical yet approachable avenue for forging blades.

Discover a spectrum of thoughtfully tailored courses, ranging from 1 to 3 days, adaptable to every skill level. Whether you’re crafting a personal Sgian Dubh or embarking on a two-person adventure with a friend, each session immerses you in the captivating world of bladesmithing.

The step-by-step journey encompasses forging techniques, precise heat treatment, blade grinding, sanding, woodworking essentials, and the finishing finesse. Hone not only your blades but also your skills under the guidance of seasoned Master Bladesmith, Greg Marr.

Delve further into the course variety with the Bladesmithing Courses dropdown menu, uncovering additional offerings crafted to broaden your expertise.

Join a community that values a friendly and approachable blend of professionalism, excellence, and creative freedom. Whether you’re just starting or refining your techniques, my courses cater to a spectrum of aspirations and transferrable skillsets.

Ready to progress in your bladesmithing journey? Explore my courses and secure your place for a pursuit of skill, fun and learning today!

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