Advanced – 3 day Damascus & Bladesmithing Course

3 Day Damascus and knife-making course

This bladesmithing class is designed for individuals with previous forging experience who are interested in creating their own pattern welded (damascus) steel billet before turning it into a knife. The process involves using two different grades of carbon steel to forge four initial billets, which are then fire-welded together using a forge, anvil and a sledgehammer. Participants will flatten and layer these billets to form a single billet, incorporating techniques such as hammering, drilling, and twisting to create unique patterns.

The creative aspect comes into play as participants shape their billet into a blade of their design, either following a template or creating their own. Upon completion, participants keep their crafted blades along with any remaining steel from their billets. This comprehensive class offers a deep dive into the art of blacksmithing, blending technical skill with artistic expression.

This class is for those aged 18+

Day 1

  • 9am Start.  Introduction, coffee/tea and a brief overview of the day.
  • 9:15 Fire up the forge
  • discuss plans and potential patterning
  • fireweld and flatten billets
  • Lunch – 30-40min
  • cut & stack and fireweld
  • Close 5:30pm

There is extra time if required during certain steps and for additional breaks

Day 2

  • finish any remaining stack & cut
  • Begin forging your blade to shape
  • 12:30 Harden & temper (1H lunch)
  • 2pm grind & polish blade
  • 5:30pm close

Day 3

  • grind blade, sand/polish
  • work on the grip towards completion
  • etch and clean the steel to reveal final pattern
  • final assembly
  • 5:30pm close

What to bring

For your safety and comfort during the workshop, I kindly request that you wear old, non-flammable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Please avoid wearing fleeces, jogging bottoms, or clothing made from similar materials in the workshop.

For footwear, the ideal choice would be steel-toe boots, leather boots, or sturdy footwear. To ensure your safety, sandals or open-toed shoes will not be permitted in the working area. This precaution is essential, as no alternative can be offered, and it helps minimize the risk of serious injury.

Additionally, please ensure that your trousers cover the top opening of your footwear. This simple measure will help prevent any hot steel or shrapnel from falling into your shoes, reducing the risk of injury. Your safety is a top priority, so let’s make sure we’re geared up appropriately for a productive and secure workshop experience.


Fortunately, there’s a range of options for your convenience in the immediate area. You’ll find shops and cafes serving good food at reasonable prices. Additionally, there’s a small corner shop and a Sainsbury’s store nearby.

If you prefer bringing your own food, there’s a small seating area in the kitchen equipped with a kettle and microwave facilities. Feel free to make use of the available fridge to store any items you bring along. Whether you choose to explore the local dining options or bring a homemade meal, you’ll have the flexibility to make the most of your time in the workshop.

Bottled water & Teas/coffee are freely available

Social Media

Your comfort and privacy during the courses are priorities for me. If you have any concerns about the sharing of images and videos, please communicate them. By default, images taken will be used for a teaching portfolio on my website and social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. However, if you’d rather not be featured or have specific preferences, let me know, and I’ll respect your wishes. I’m here to ensure your experience is enjoyable and aligns with your expectations, and I appreciate your understanding in sharing the course highlights on social media.

Please send all booking enquiries to


In this course, every step is tailored to optimise the outcome in bladesmithing and metallurgy. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that failures, whether large or small, may occur despite our best efforts. These could stem from unforeseen factors- including inherent flaws and stresses in the starting steel. Embracing the nature of smithing, we’ll do our utmost to address and work around any issues that arise, though this may not always be possible.

It’s crucial to recognise that the primary focus of the course is the experience itself, regardless of the final result. The journey, the skills gained, and the hands-on understanding of the craft are the true treasures of this bladesmithing adventure.

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