Course Dates 2024

Course Dates 2024

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Imagine embarking on a captivating journey into the ancient craft of knife making and then make it a reality. Under the guidance of Bladesmith Greg Marr, you’ll learn the techniques of forging, shaping, hardening & tempering, grinding, and polishing as well as creating the wooden handle of your very own custom knife. This can also be done as a 2 person course with your friend, partner or family memer and can offer a further shared experience that can deepen your bonds and create lasting memories. Join me and discover the artistry that lies within you.

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Remaining Bookable Dates – 5


15th 16th – BOOKED

22nd 23rd –


20th 21st – BOOKED

27th 28th –


3rd 4th – BOOKED

17th 18th –

24th 25th – BOOKED


7th 8th –

21st 22nd –

28th 29th – BOOKED


coming soon


coming soon

Gift Certificates available on request. No waiting list in operation.

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