Course Dates 2024

Are you ready to embark on a captivating and unforgettable journey into the art of forging your very own knife? Imagine the thrill of crafting a blade that is not only aesthetically mesmerizing but also a true reflection of your individuality and craftsmanship.

My two-person courses are designed to immerse you and a partner in the ancient craft of knife making. The fiery forge, the rhythmic ring of the hammer, and the raw power of shaping hot steel will awaken your senses and fuel your passion for this time-honored art form.

Under the expert guidance of Master Bladesmith, Greg Marr, you will learn the intricate techniques of manipulating steel, honing your skills in shaping, tempering, grinding and polishing. Step by step, you will witness the transformation of raw materials into a personalized masterpiece that will serve as a testament to your dedication and creativity.

But it’s not just about forging steel; it’s about forging connections. As you work alongside your friend or partner, you will forge not only knives but also memories that will last a lifetime. The shared experience of learning and creating together will deepen your bonds, allowing you to celebrate your achievements as a team.

Prepare to be captivated by the dance of fire and metal, the camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts, and the profound satisfaction of holding a blade that bears both your fingerprints and your passion. Join me on this enthralling adventure, and discover the artistry that lies within you. Together, let’s forge something remarkable, forging not only knives but also indelible memories.

Lesson Dates currently released;

Spring (January to March)

Remaining lesson dates available to book- March 23rd & 24th – pending

Gift Certificates available on request. No waiting list in operation.

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Season 1


20th 21st – BOOKED

27th 28th – BOOKED


3rd 4th – BOOKED


17th 18th – BOOKED

24th 25th – BOOKED


2nd 3rd – BOOKED


16th 17th – BOOKED

23rd 24th – Pending

29th 30th 31st – BOOKED

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Season 2


13th 14th

20th 21st

27th 28th


11th 12th

18th 19th

25th 26th


8th 9th

15th 16th

22nd 23rd

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Season 3




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