Demonstrations – a unique experience for when you visit Edinburgh

Are you planning to visit Edinburgh and looking for things to see in the city?  Have you ever wanted to see a knife being forged on an anvil by an experienced bladesmith?  Do you want an unique experience in Edinburgh but don’t have the time for a lesson?  A live bladesmithing demonstration may be for you.


Demonstrations can include;

  • Forging a blade.  As standard, this would be a small blade such as a sgian dubh which is an iconic Scottish knife.  This is subject to change depending on any other commissions that I may have in motion at the time.
  • pattern welding(damascus) making*
  • Heat treatment of the blade . This involves heating the steel up and plunging it into oil to harden it.


heating a blade in the forge. Photograph by Robin Mair

Pricing and availability

Demo price is £60 per booking and is the same price for 1 person as it is for 5.

Due to space limitations, a group may contain a maximum of 5 people.  No pets such as dogs are allowed in the forge part of the workshop.

Demonstrations are normally available on Monday to Friday by prior arrangement.

*Additional fees apply for any weekend bookings and damascus making demos.


Please specify what you would like to see when booking.  Additionally, if you would like to see a demonstration on another aspect of sword or knife making, please ask us.  It is our aim to give you a more personalised and unique experience when you visit Edinburgh.

Please contact us to arrange your visit!

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